Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sri Lankan Cricket ..... Perception of a huge fan

First of all I'd like to allege the fact that SLC is still the best team in the world., or more like SLC 'has' the best players in the world. Yet the expected team selection or rather team performance is lacking one hell of a lot at the moment.

"TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More" : No one individual can carry the whole weight of the team and achieve the expected of the team. Simply stated, a team is less me and more we. At the moment the senior players seems to be struggling to keep a robust team, as the team keeps changing drastically each and every match. A good example is the match played last night(21/08). Mahela was at the crease for a long time expecting to build a partnership, yet the the wickets kept falling at the other end showing lack of responsibility. Then that particular player panics leaving an excruciating end. Sanga played his best at the Kettharama at the world cup group selection match against Pakistan and a certain individual kept putting pressure on the team unfortunately for us he one of the most glowing stars of the team who keeps getting chances ignorant of his glorious performances. Although I don't prefer criticizing players, everyone, everything has a limit doesn't it? After all when everything goes wrong there is always the player who gets all the credit for the loss, yet it's fascinating to see that player has been the same for a long time.

Sri Lankan team always had exceptional talent in every aspect of the game. Sanath,Murali, Mahanama, Vass, Sanga, Mahela the list goes on real far. That talent is not lost. It's still there mostly among the young who recently joined the family. But all the great individuals mentioned above were given chances. No one can perform from their first match onward consistently, they must be given opportunities so they can learn from their mistakes and hopefully improve.BUT not too many chances; then it becomes favors. If you can recall how Marvan and Mahela failed in their first few matches and how they bounced back to be among the greatest in the world. Mahela had suffered a lot in his career than most players. His selection was questioned by many critics yet he managed to be much stronger and hold the captaincy being one of the greatest captains the world has ever witnessed.

This is not an attempt to blame Chamara Silva. This is an attempt of a humble fan expressing his thoughts on young talent being left out while old non-talent replaces them. Chandimal, Kapgedara, Jeewan Mendis,Warnapura, Udawatte ... etc are left out, they were never given opportunities as much as some did. BUT they PERFORMED and still do. We have the best players in the world and the best team spirit which can't be matched to any team in the world. Yet we fail. Cricket is not a game of luck, it's just made up by losers, it's about Talent being able to perform. The best performance wins. Consider the head to head match up and compare yourselves which one is the best,

--------------Batting -----------------

Dilshan                                  Watson
Tharanga                               Marsh
Sanga                                    Ponting
Mahela                                  Clarke
Mathews                               M.hussey
Chandimal                             D.Hussy

Kulasekara                           Johnson
Mali                                      Lee
Mendis                                 Dohety .....
Eranga                                  Bollinger

As you might have noticed Sri Lankan fielding hasn't been the best. Few catches going down. Sri Lanka has a lot of room to improve and build one hell of a team. This isn't been the case so far, politicians playing cricket and players being their virtual characters....

Please plan ahead with unbiased decisions and make the way to the 2015 World Cup ... it's ours, I can feel it.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

JDK and Idea configuration in Ubuntu 11.04

Configuring the JDK and the JRE

There is a very simple way of configuring the JDK in Ubuntu 11.04 version rather than the former versions.
Go to the shortcut menu in the left hand side and select Ubuntu Software Center and go to the menubar above
select Edit > Software Sources and select Other sources tab and tick Canonical Partners and Canonical Partners(source Code) and close
Then install JRE(Java run-time environment) by typing

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin sun-java6-fonts

in the terminal. Let it download and install. Press 'y' if prompted while installing.
then install the JDK by

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk

answer the two questions if prompted while installing as shown here

all the work is done. you can check the whether it's installed properly by using

java -version

then this will display the version and relevant data on your Java installation.
That means Java is installed on your machine.

Installing Intellij Idea

you can download the intellij Idea from

be sure to download the tar.gz file rather than the rpm file ...(sometimes it will automatically download the Gzip file)

Then cd to your downloaded path "cd PATH"
most probably it would look like this

cd ~/Downloads/                   // here ~ indicates the home folder (/home/usrName)

then type

tar xvf filename.tar.gz

it would look like

tar -xvf ideaUI-10.0.3.tar.gz

then it will unzip the file into a folder and cd into that folder and type


if everything has been done as mentioned above Idea should be up and running without any complains ..... if there is let me know.

Then the typical procedure . you have to show the path of the JDK in your project.
usually it's located at


If you run into any kind of trouble first try googling it all by yourself (the best way of learning is self studying )if you can't resolve it I'm here to help.
Ubuntu rocks ..... :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ubuntu and Windows guide 1

It's all going to be about Ubuntu over Windows today. I'm going to introduce some vital configuration aspects and how to customize and explore the world of Ubuntu.

As I know personally most of the community trends towards Windows glossy products rather than classic old school Ubuntu. That's because the myth that prevails among them regarding the Ubuntu being a highly complex, hard to use OS and not having to "double click a .exe" to do all the work for you. But the real deal is Ubuntu is a highly customizable, easy to use OS. There is a significant improvement in the GUI and the file system  of the latest Ubuntu version 11.04. My goal today would be to introduce and install Ubuntu with windows and some minor configurations because some of the old discussions available in the web isn't going to help you as much as the filesystem has changed a bit. I'll post more tutorials later.

You can download the OS at and can be installed using either a CD or a bootable pen drive. There is clear direct help in the download section about how to create the media.
While installing just make sure you select a swap area (of about twice your Ram size if it's below 2GB, this acts as the virtual memory) and a partition to install Ubuntu formated with EXT4. if you want to tryout Ubuntu you can either use the disk to run Ubuntu live or you can install Ubuntu along with Windows while in windows by just "double clicking the .exe". I highly recommend making sure you reserve a separate partition of about 10GB at least and if can reserving a small area of 100 MB for the boot partition and another partition to install the home directory if you are planning to use it often. If you have a separate partition for your home directory you won't lose your precious data while formating after encounting an error.

You can connect to the Internet straight away by either WiFi or Mobile broadband. The settings are available on the top right hand corner. And it doesn't require any other utilities ,just a simple configuration.

One of the most frequently asked questions among the beginners is that how to change the boot order. By default it's set to Ubuntu with a timeout of 10 seconds.
To do this you need to have a basic idea of using a text editor in Ubuntu. Vim is the most highly used and it's very easy to use when you get  to know it.
You can install Vim by going to the terminal (homeButton > type terminal in the search box). When it opens type

sudo apt-get install vim

This will prompt you to enter the root password. Type in the password you entered while installing.After the installation is over type


to get the vim tutorial. It's a long list yet if you thinking of using Ubuntu with web servers etc you must learn it. If not still you can use it as a simple text editor with delete,insert all the keys working. To exit from vim press escape and then


and press enter.This will exit immediately  without saving.


press enter, this will exit immediately after saving.
try this with a sample by creating one

vim thisIsATest.txt

there are two modes in Vim. One is the command mode the other is the writing mode. You can always go to the command mode by pressing the escape key and writing mode by pressing 'a' or 'i'.

Onto the good stuff, changing the boot order. To do this you have to alter a file of the grub bootloader. Type

vim /etc/default/grub

be careful when playing with these files. Still remember you always have the option of exiting the file without saving by typing :q! after pressing the escape key.

In that file there is an entry called


change the number to 4(pressing i after getting the cursor in the right spot) if you have only one windows OS installed so it'd look like this


then save it and exit by pressing escape and :wq!

The last part, type

sudo update-grub

so that it'll apply the settings. This has been enabled to minimize the mistakes.

Then restart your computer and see if it had worked. If it had then the Windows section would be highlighted and after the default 10 seconds windows will bootup.

Further more you can change the timeout by changing the


value. Follow the same process and see if that had taken effect.

If things haven't gone wrong(I hope they haven't) you would have a Ubuntu running machine with windows being the default bootup entry. Search more about the grub bootloader. There are tons of customization oppotunities available unlike Windows.

If you run into any kinda trouble please let me know I'll be happy to help you. If you need any help in ubuntu please email me or post here. It will encourage me to post more posts in my blog. If you don't like it criticize it so I can correct my mistakes. This is just the beginning, there is a lot more out there.

Ubuntu all the way ......... (I'm not getting paid by Ubuntu :) )

Monday, April 4, 2011

Huh .... Blogging :)

Obviously at the moment I have no idea how to post my first and foremost post, yet I started writing almost all the things that pops into my head. Thomas Alva Edison, while trying to invent the first light bulb, said “I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work”. So here I am trying for the first time hoping it won't take that many attempts to get this right :). I thought of proceeding the journey  into the blogging world by introducing myself. 

I'm Sachith Dhanushka Withana, born on 30.10.1990. I studied at Dharmasoka College, Ambalangoda since 1996 to 2009 then entered to University of Moratuwa in 2010. After one tense academic semester, I got to be the 58th of the batch and there was no doubt in my mind what field I was going to select, it was Computer Science and Engineering(CSE). I didn't regret my decision, hope I never will. Here I am today taking sometime off studies and writing my first blog... at least the 1st attempt.

The idea of a blog popped into my mind suddenly while browsing and I thought why shouldn't I give it a try, and after sometime goggling on blogging here  I am lost in the first attempt. I'd like to get criticized so that I can make myself even slightly better. So please leave feedbacks either they are blames or compliments:) . I will be blogging on strange things I see around me, the stuff that puzzles me, amaze me or even threatens me. "Fail, Fail again, Fail better". If I can save  even a single useless attempt of a person, if someone can make use of the mistakes I've committed and learn something out of it that's what I'd prefer.

Everyone is unique, every person on this planet think differently, view things in different perspectives, if you have any ideas on my posts please be kind enough to post them.