Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sri Lankan Cricket ..... Perception of a huge fan

First of all I'd like to allege the fact that SLC is still the best team in the world., or more like SLC 'has' the best players in the world. Yet the expected team selection or rather team performance is lacking one hell of a lot at the moment.

"TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More" : No one individual can carry the whole weight of the team and achieve the expected of the team. Simply stated, a team is less me and more we. At the moment the senior players seems to be struggling to keep a robust team, as the team keeps changing drastically each and every match. A good example is the match played last night(21/08). Mahela was at the crease for a long time expecting to build a partnership, yet the the wickets kept falling at the other end showing lack of responsibility. Then that particular player panics leaving an excruciating end. Sanga played his best at the Kettharama at the world cup group selection match against Pakistan and a certain individual kept putting pressure on the team unfortunately for us he one of the most glowing stars of the team who keeps getting chances ignorant of his glorious performances. Although I don't prefer criticizing players, everyone, everything has a limit doesn't it? After all when everything goes wrong there is always the player who gets all the credit for the loss, yet it's fascinating to see that player has been the same for a long time.

Sri Lankan team always had exceptional talent in every aspect of the game. Sanath,Murali, Mahanama, Vass, Sanga, Mahela the list goes on real far. That talent is not lost. It's still there mostly among the young who recently joined the family. But all the great individuals mentioned above were given chances. No one can perform from their first match onward consistently, they must be given opportunities so they can learn from their mistakes and hopefully improve.BUT not too many chances; then it becomes favors. If you can recall how Marvan and Mahela failed in their first few matches and how they bounced back to be among the greatest in the world. Mahela had suffered a lot in his career than most players. His selection was questioned by many critics yet he managed to be much stronger and hold the captaincy being one of the greatest captains the world has ever witnessed.

This is not an attempt to blame Chamara Silva. This is an attempt of a humble fan expressing his thoughts on young talent being left out while old non-talent replaces them. Chandimal, Kapgedara, Jeewan Mendis,Warnapura, Udawatte ... etc are left out, they were never given opportunities as much as some did. BUT they PERFORMED and still do. We have the best players in the world and the best team spirit which can't be matched to any team in the world. Yet we fail. Cricket is not a game of luck, it's just made up by losers, it's about Talent being able to perform. The best performance wins. Consider the head to head match up and compare yourselves which one is the best,

--------------Batting -----------------

Dilshan                                  Watson
Tharanga                               Marsh
Sanga                                    Ponting
Mahela                                  Clarke
Mathews                               M.hussey
Chandimal                             D.Hussy

Kulasekara                           Johnson
Mali                                      Lee
Mendis                                 Dohety .....
Eranga                                  Bollinger

As you might have noticed Sri Lankan fielding hasn't been the best. Few catches going down. Sri Lanka has a lot of room to improve and build one hell of a team. This isn't been the case so far, politicians playing cricket and players being their virtual characters....

Please plan ahead with unbiased decisions and make the way to the 2015 World Cup ... it's ours, I can feel it.