Sunday, April 15, 2012

Update Realtek Ethernet driver Ubuntu

If your ethernet connection is really slow that might be due to having old drivers. This is a guide to update your realtek ethernet card. But in the same way you can update anyother adapter driver if you find the driver from the provider of that particular ethernet card.

In the Ubuntu terminal run,

lspci | grep Realtek
and observe the result. If it shows that you do have a realtek ethernet card then go to the link here and download the latest update for your computer.

and go to the downloaded folder, Extract it. And in the terminal go to that downloaded folder and execute the following commands as shown in the image(other than the cd and ls)

Restart the computer, it should speed up the connection if that was the cause of the slow connection!!!!

Filesharing between Windows 7 and Ubuntu (Networking)

To network an Ubuntu machine for filesharing, you need to install samba packages. You can do that by typing these commands in your Ubuntu Terminal(type terminal inside the dashboard).

sudo apt-get install samba system-config-samba python-glade2

Then you need to add your account to the samba server. You can do that by typing

sudo smbpasswd username -a

and provide your password.

Then in the windows machine, go to the command prompt( type cmd in the start menu) and execute the following command.

net config workstation

and get the workstation domain. (ex : WORKGROUP)
Then in the Ubuntu PC type samba in the dashboard and that will prompt a new window.
Go to preferences -> Server Settings and in the workgroup textfield insert the workstation domain and hit "OK".

In the Windows PC type "manage advanced sharing settings" and turn on file and printer sharing.

Restart both computers and in the network section of both machines, it should show the other computer as well as itself.

IF THAT DOESN'T SHOW, then you need to edit the ip of the Windows PC.
you can do that by
 In your Ubuntu PC find out the IP address by typing ifconfig in the terminal. You should see something like this.
(if you know how ip works, you can go ahead and set the ip of the windows machine to be in the same network as the Ubuntu PC and Skip the next part and it should work)

     write down the inet address and the Mask under the eth0 section.

In the windows PC,
  • "Start" and then go to "Control Panel"
  • Left click on "Network and Internet" and then choose "Network and Sharing Center"
  • On the left side choose "Change adapter settings"
  • Right click on your network card and from the drop-down choose "Properties"
  • Under the "Networking" tab
  • Choose "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" or "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)" and then click on "Properties"
  • In next window you have option between "Obtain an IP Address Automatically" and "Use the following IP Address". Choose the latter and,
    here type in the written down ipaddress +1 in the ip field and the subnet mask should be the same as the Mask you wrote down

    ex : ubuntu_ip : (considering the above image, this is different on your PC)
    windows ip should be
    subnet mask = Mask =     
  • Finally click on "OK" and your IP address should be changed

    What this does is put the two PC's in the same network.Then you can use the ping command in the Ubuntu PC to see whether it works.
    ping windowsip
    ex : ping
Then share folders in the two machines and restart. Then It will work !!!!!

If the ethernet connection is really slow, you can follow this guide to update your ethernet drivers. This is written particularly towards Realtek drivers. But the abstract idea can be used to implement towards updating other drivers.