Open Water Diving ...!!!

It's been while since I've posted any material on my blog, and I figured it's time and this time I have something I'm REALLY excited about, SCUBA DIVING!

OH YES!!, for a while now, the first spot of my very short bucket list is occupied by 'Diving with the Great White Sharks' ( followed by petting a Lion/ Tiger ;) ). I truly love the nature ( specially predatory creatures, as you might have guessed :) ) and wanted to get my scuba diving licence for a while now. FINALLY I completed the first stage in getting there.

I'm a PADI certified Open Water Diver now!! Basically what it means is I can dive up to 18 meters with regular scuba equipment. Next up is the Advanced Open Water Diver course, which would let me dive up to 40m!.

It was truly an eye-opening experience, the colors and the amazing variety of life hidden underneath the surface is mind blowing. The weightlessness adds to the fantastic sensation and gliding pass the shoals of small fish with a pair of Batfish following you around, is a once in a life time experience.

Among the creatures I encountered (so far), Octupus, the Lion Fish, Box Fish tops the list. But Nudibranchs are my favorites so far, those small creatures are a treat to look at, so colorful and glowing ( seen in the picture below).

Apart from these magnificent sea life, it was disappointing to witness the human intervention in destroying these environments, plastic bags, yogurt cups can be seen wandering around the corals. Not all the environmental pollution is visible from up above the sea level, down there, it's a mess. Truly questions the humans existence in nature.

So far I've dove in Palagala and the T.Sierra wreck, both of the coast of Mount Lavinia in SL. Mainly because I got my licence from IslandScuba [1], the best place to get your Padi licence in Sri Lanka. Shout out to Naren, James and Jehan for all the support and the training and being patient in getting us there :) .

T.Sierra was by far the favorite of the two dive sites, mainly due to the high visibility :), we even made a video of the dive [2]. I encourage you all to go and watch it in 720p for the full experience :).

This is a very short post describing my first experiences underwater, hopefully there will be more to come.

Here's the bunch I dove with, with me giving the OK sign :).



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